The white dress shirt : where, when and how to wear it ?

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The white dress shirt is an essential element in the British, Indian and Japanese wardrobe. However this garment in France is often seen as arrogant, pretentious, etc…
So it is a matter of culture right ?
Let’s try to see together where and when to wear it is a real question.

A solemn garment

Weddings, ceremonies, official meetings, events etc… The white dress shirt is more than a piece of fabric : it is a symbol. It is a sacred garment. This element of uniform is often used in higher categories of the public sector in France.

Tip : be careful, contrary to popular belief, this is not really the ideal clothing for a negotiation and/or an employment dialogue (prefer a sky blue shirt for this).

A work outfit

If the light blue shirt is really perfect for the summer, the white shirt is very useful for some work… And sometimes for the winter. In order to bring a little light into the darkness of this season. The best is to bring it out from a sweater to give a little panache to your outfit.

Tip : don’t look for originality, take plain white “minister” style white dress shirt that you can use for a long time and on many occasions.

A garment for chilling

If it is warm enough, it is ideal for walking along the beaches, but also during country meals in the countryside.

It is also appreciated on the sundays, during a moment of reading while listening to music or not.

Tip : as it gets dirty quickly, always have 2 or 3 shirts in your dressing room. Take a “special white” soap for them. And wear a t-shirt underneath that prevents your armpits from ruining this clothe very quickly.

Conclusion :

Vulgarity is an arrogant attitude + a taste that diverges from yours. Arrogance is a behavior that can be observed quite objectively. On the other hand, as far as “tastes and colours” are concerned, it is totally subjective.

Why am I telling you this ? Because when it comes to wearing a white shirt, it is all a question of attitude. You can be sexy in a white shirt, as long as you don’t look arrogant.

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