Rost Martin « RM1C »

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Aston Martin is a car manufacturer. Now there is Rost Martin who is a firearms manufacturer.
We do not know if the two names are linked. But the two brands have also in common a taste for performance.
For now Rost Martin introduced only one pistol. Because it is a new company. They are based in the USA, in the state of Texas and in the city of Dallas.
Their first pistol, the RM1C is made with some parts from America and from others from Europe. Perhaps because the weapon is based on the Slovenian Arex “Delta”.

Let’s see :
_An official presentation of the RM1C.
_Then 2 reviews.
_And finally, a nice review who includes a field strip.

Now let’s see the two selected reviews :

And the field strip :

Nice advice about the insertion of the magazines. Thank you Sir.

Cons :

_Does not exist, for now, in 22LR

Neutral :

_Seems based on the Arex “Delta”

Pros :

_Ambidextrous (even if the button release of the magazine do not look that way at first)
_Accessories are already available (for a new pistol, this is great)
_The magazines are not expensive
_The magazine is ejected (not just released)
_The reset of the trigger is short
_You can use a glove with this trigger
_Easy to disassemble
_Seems accurate
_You can use different ammunitions on it
_The serrations are nice (better than those on the Arex « Delta »)

Conclusion :

A surprising new pistol.