Gods of Egypt (2016)

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Imdb page of the movie : here

Cons :

Well… Not much to criticize… It could have been so much worse. It’s quite a success.

Pros :

_A vigorating story. The writing is excellent.
_Élodie Yung and Gerard Butler play very well.
_The sets, the costumes, the music : everything work fine. We don’t see the time passing on this 2 hours film.
_Some subtle messages about the goddess of love.
_2 or 3 badass moments. Good !
_The theme of the plurality of the self is shown in a scene with Thoth. Theme already shown in Watchmen, Limitless and a little in Matrix Revolution.
_The daily confrontation between the god Ra and Apophis is a very interesting theme on several levels (notably psychological). We can compare this struggle with the threat of the wolf Fenrir in the Scandinavian mythology.

Conclusion :

A good entertainment movie that deserves to be known. An interesting way to introduce Egyptian mythology to young people.

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