“Journey to the land of the ultra-richs” by Aymeric Mantoux published by Flammarion

Linkedin profile of the author : https://www.linkedin.com/in/aymeric-mantoux-16a6bb2b/?original_referer=https%3A%2F%2Fduckduckgo%2Ecom%2F&originalSubdomain=fr

Publisher’s page dedicated to the book : https://editions.flammarion.com/voyage-au-pays-des-ultra-riches/9782081236783

Cons :

_It would have been interesting to dig deeper into the religions and networks of these ultra-richs. It is only regarding Louis Nicollin that the fact that he was a “Freemason” is mentioned.

_Information concerning “remote” residences and those concerning “islands” can be very scary. Especially after the revelations of the Epstein case and the documentary “1 in 5”.

_It is very unfortunate that the 3 generation rule is not mentioned.
“The first generation builds the business. The second generation manages the business. The third destroys the business.”
This rule is known all over the world. It can checked in the families but also in the management of countries.

_The author often speaks of “culture”. But don’t elaborate. Nothing is said about the book collections of the ultra-rich. While Karl Lagerfeld proudly exhibited his 300,000 books : https://www.lessentiel.lu/fr/story/l-autre-passion-meconnue-de-karl-lagerfeld-559714772513

_The book lacks simple proverbs like “You should not put all your eggs in one basket” which illustrates very well the diversification of many legacys.

_Behaviors such as stinginess or violence are rarely mentioned. Same for the “friendly” and/or “bon vivant” rich people who are mentioned : their dark side is never mentioned while often behind their popular side lies a very negative personality.

_How the public money go to the private pocket ? Nothing is said about that too… Strange when we notice that it is on the main city of any country, that there is the more rich people… Or the more thieves of public money ?

_Nothing is said about the gay diaspora.

Pros :

_Land & network : here is one rule who pop out from this book.

_Safety is also vital. The French cultivate discretion with the maxim “Let’s live happily, live hidden”. But discretion may not be enough. Many of the world’s wealthy rely on armed security services.

_Puppeteers and puppets work hand in hand. Politicians are only subordinates to these great fortunes. And they themselves benefit greatly from their positions to enrich themselves, for example in real estate matters or concerning the allocation of subsidies etc… etc…

_It is said that many of these super rich are heirs.

_The book helps to explore the importance of the notion of investment. A notion that the mainstream media never talks about. But that in fact is a basis for success. The system has every interest in educating the masses so that they become impulsive consumers, rather than making them patient tillers.
The author explains half-heartedly that cars, boats, horses, etc… Are really financial pits. Whether you are an ultra-rich or a rich man.

_Through certain behaviours, we realize that some rich people act like vampires. Not romantic Draculas, but rather disgusting Nosferatus.

_The author emphasizes the importance of being well surrounded. Tax lawyers, lawyers, advisors, etc. Are absolutely vital for large fortunes. Firstly to manage tax issues. Then, to obtain information, skills etc…

_Certain sports are clearly mentioned as “carriers” to “talk business”, such as golf (so boring), tennis and hunting.

Conclusion :

Have you always dreamed of being rich ? This book released in 2010 migh interest you.
But there is so many truths that are not written on it…
Truths that even us, we cannot write here…

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