“Cry me a river” by Julie London

It is a song for the broken-hearted (although it is a song that you can dance on).
It is an ironic, cynical & vengeful song.

The story :

The singer loves a man.

She put her pride aside and did many steps towards him (rare…).

But he made her understand that love was “plebeian” (vulgar, popular, in short he snubbed her), that ultimately for “a one-night stand”, why not, but not more (he didn’t want to commit but just to play…).

Later, the singer ended up being dumped by this man. And she cries “a river”.

Time passes…

…And she eventually manages to overcome this tragedy.
…She rebuilt herself.

One day, the man contacted her again. And he told her that he wants to come back with her.

Sarcastically she then replies “Cry a river for me.” How I cried a river for you.” Basically, “Beg me now.” You made me suffer so much. Your pride must bleed too.”

It should be noted that the singer is not opposed to the return of this man. But she asks him for reciprocity. “Love goes both ways. And if there is suffering, it goes both ways too” some say.

Conclusion :

“Crying a river?” You can cry an ocean yes! » a friend said to me while reading the lyrics of the song.

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