Top 3 of the most beautiful bottles to reuse at home

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Having a nice bottle is good. But when it comes to throwing it away… We sometimes feel a lot of remorse. How to reuse it ? And which model to choose to have a chic interior ?

N°3 : Armand de Brignac

With its golden “spade” symbol, this bottle of champagne does not go unnoticed.

Reuse it : some people use this bottle to make a lamp. But perhaps the best thing would be to use it to make a vase.

N°2 : Crystal head

Sometimes imitated but not yet equaled, “Crystal Head” really has one hell of a bottle.

Reuse it : If you want a pirate or a Halloween decoration, this is a safe choice. If you want to store candy in it, even better. At home, I put Haribo’s Tagada strawberries in it. And it’s great !

N°1 : Bumbu

This bottle is a masterpiece.

Reuse it : it’s THE ideal bottle to have a carafe of character.
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