Tough rosaries for the soldiers of faith

I received a rosary the other day and it made me very happy.
But, I knew too well what happens every time… It break for nothing.
The reason ? The iron chain used is way too thin.

That’s enough !

Fortunately, our American friends have found the solution: the paracord rosaries (also called tactical rosaries).

I guess that, this was at first a request from the American soldiers in foreign operations.
And in the end, this type of rosary is spreading more and more.

Here is a list of some makers :

1_Shells Rosary Ropes

2_Rugged Rosaries

3_Cross and Shield

4_Our Lady’s Armory

5_YM rosaries

7_The Catholic company

8_Daughters of Mary Press

9_Saint Joseph Rosary Ropes

10_Regina Pacis Mnl

11_Beaded Armour Au

12_The Catholic woodworker

13_Catholic supply

You can learn how to make some paracord rosaries with the tutorials you can find on Youtube :

And the rosary shop can help you to buy the products you need :

Quincey Morris