Which sports are “Health Goth” ?

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The medias often oppose the Gothics versus the Hippies. Us, we do not wish to put some oil on the fire. It is true that the Hippies worship less the body, discipline, performance, etc… The Hippies are (in theory) more lazy. And the Goths are (in theory) more into working hard and working out (arbeit ! arbeit !).

As this magazine is mostly run by Goths people, it is difficult to be… objective.

If we were naughty (…) we could say that the Hippies are more into some sports like :
_The surf
_The climbing
_A bit into the skateboard.

And in order to get more friends (…) we could also say that :
_Peasants enjoy football.
_Bohos are attracted to sailing.

Anyway, to get back to our subject…

The Gothic mentality is precisely defined by words that we find in sport. Particularly in high-level sport.

Such as:
We also find those words in the military mentality.

The Gothic person is rather a cold-blooded person. But this does not mean an inactive person.

Because the Goth person is more likely to be an introvert, “ Health Goth ” sports, in my opinion, are more likely to be some individual sports.

Here is a selection of practices that may correspond :

All activities around precision :

Archery, sports shooting, golf, tennis etc…

All activities related to the style :

Fitness, musculation, dance (classical, tango etc…), equestrian dressage etc…

All activities around the fighting spirit :

Fencing, boxing, karate, judo etc…

All activities around nature :

Hiking, jogging, walking, river kayaking etc…

Conclusion :

Through this humble article, we hope to have given to you some ideas.

And about the outfit, don’t bother. Why not wearing some classy black clothes with some nice white shoes 😉

The editors team