“The Spell of the White Lady” by Michel Honaker (1998)

I did not found the book in English. In French the title is “Le sortilège de la Dame Blanche”.

Linkedin profile of Michel Honaker : here

The Wikipedia page about the serie of “Le Commandeur” : here

To buy the book (in French) : here

Cons :

Nothing to declare

Pros :

_A pleasant book. Very easy to read. Well built. We feel that there has been some work.

_The writer was very kind to mention “Peter Cushing” as the inspirator for the main character. We easily imagine him in each scene.

_The hero of this book series named “The Commander” is reminiscent of the character of “The Shadow” (who is a great super-hero).

Conclusion :

An ideal book to speak about the theme of the White Lady with your child.

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