ISSC Austria

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Austria is famous for the brand of firearms Glock. But there is another brand of firearms in Austria which people talk about : it is ISSC. Why ? Because they make some firearms less expensive that their opponents.
About ISSC Austria we can say that in 2009 they launched their first weapon : the M22 a pistol in 22lr. In 2010 they launched the MK22 a rifle also in 22lr. And then more and more products.

Here, we are just going to talk about those two firearms.

The M22

Here is the official video of ISSC to learn how to clean the M22 :

And here is a review about this pistol :

The MK22

Here is a video I found about how to clean it :

And here is a review about this rifle :

Conclusion :

Well ISSC is not a huge company but it seems to be worldwide spread.
I was interested about their prices. But the few videos I saw did not convinced me.