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Behind « Beltschazar » we find Daniel. He lives at Lake Constance in Germany. He works as a theologian and as a managing director in a Christian organization. And he also sells art. In his life, his passions are art (of course), the church, the philosophy of religion and the nature.

OJL : Hello Daniel.
Daniel : Hello.

OJL : So we are going to try to see what is your personality first. Then we will talk about your works. So we will begin by four funny questions. What is your favourite colour(s) ?
Daniel : Green

OJL : Who is the animal(s) that you like ?
Daniel : I have cats and a dog. I like these animals, but not all of them. I like big dogs for the most (smile).

OJL : What number(s) do you like ?
Daniel : I don’t like numbers.

OJL : Lastly, which super-hero(s) or even super-villain(s), do you admire ?
Daniel : I read a lot of comics… And as a child and I really liked the Punisher (smile).

OJL : Let’s talk a bit about you now. What can you tell us about yourself ?
Daniel : I studied theology and actually wanted to become a philosopher and lecturer, but I really enjoyed art and commerce. However, I have remained loyal to the church and have worked in various areas for many years. I sell my art part-time and wish I had much more time.

OJL : Who are the professionals who made you ? Those who struck you ? In a few names and in a few words.
Daniel : I see myself as a disciple of the German reformer Martin Luther, even if he is very controversial… He was a great man in his time. Jordan Peterson has also had a great influence on me in recent years. I made some groundbreaking decisions because of him.

OJL : How did you choose your pseudonym ?
Daniel : It’s quite simple. In the German Bible, the prophet Daniel was called “Beltschazar” by the Babylonians. When I started to become active, I simply chose this name. It is my first name. In my opinion, the name you use is not important when you are running a business. But the product and the quality of the work are important.

OJL : Let’s talk now about your works. What do you do ?
Daniel : I primarily make sacred art that helps Christians to express their faith. I’ve also done Norse art and even tried completely different styles, which also sell well, but which… I just didn’t like. I am not bound to any Christian denomination. I want to make art for all Christians, because all Christians are one in Christ and have a common mission.

OJL : How could you describe your style ?
Daniel : I don’t have a particular style… So far I’ve been drawing digitally… I have tried many things and I will try many more. Some of my products are not by me, but by people from church history. I just rework them (smile).

OJL : Which techniques do you use ?
Daniel : I sometimes draw by myself. On paper and on the tablet. I have also created works with pen and ink. When I will find more time for art again, I will try some new techniques.

OJL : Is it possible to ask you for a custom product ?
Daniel : Only if I don’t have to create a completely new design. Because I have too many projects of my own that I have to finish… I just don’t have the time…

OJL : Is it possible to suscribe to your newsletter ? Because the social networks are a bit… saturated.
Daniel : No, I don’t have anything like that yet. But I should think about it.

OJL : Do you have an anecdote about one of your products ? Or about one of your sales ?
Daniel : Sometimes I write to customers. Catholics in particular are very grateful customers (smile). They have told me many exciting spiritual stories that they have experienced and associate with my designs. That’s very exciting for me, because I don’t actually come from the Catholic Church, but I am a Protestant. My spirituality has also expanded through my customers…

OJL : Last question. You surely have some friends who are making wonders ! If you would like to promote them, this is your time !
Daniel : In fact, I have a lot of great friends, but no one who does anything remotely like me.

OJL : Congratulations for everything you do. May Our Lady protects you.
Daniel : Thank you.