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Behind the pseudonym of “Yunie Hime” we find Aurore. An artist from the Deux-Sèvres in New Aquitaine [France].

Her workshop is located in Niort.

Passionated about drawing since childhood, it allows her to express herself and make those who follow and love her work to feel many different emotions.

She started her activity as an illustrator at the end of 2019.

Initially, she presented her work through the social networks only.

Then, she created her website. This allows her to group her illustrations together in the form of a showcase, directing visitors to her different services or even to the different products available.

Since the end of 2019, her style but also her working method has evolved. In fact, in March 2021, she invested in a graphics tablet, since her illustrations are mainly produced digitally.


She is mostly inspired by the pop culture, the movies, TV shows, musics, video games, manga and animes that rocked her childhood and which continue to influence her work today.


Whether for professionals or individuals, she creates illustrations with different styles (such as chibi or semi-realistic).

The requests are diverse and varied, it can be a logo, portraits (animals/person), illustrations for board games etc…

To meet her

Since the beginning of 2022, as the festivals have opened their doors again, Yunie can once again exchange in live with visitors but also expose her work to a new audience. On her corner, she proposes drawings in different medias (badges, bookmarks, posters, etc.).

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