Julien Dumontier traces your family tree

E-mail: julien.dumontier@hotmail.fr

Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/kounits58

Telegram account: @Cours_de_francais_enligne

Telephone: +7 967 486 00 83

Who has never wanted to know the first name of their ancestors ? What did they do for a living ? From what corner of our beautiful country did they come ? How old did they live to be ? etc…

In short, get to know your genealogy is to discover the history of your ancestors who passed a part of themselves to you.

Unfortunately, very often, there may not be enough time to do this research and/or we may feel lost in the task at hand.

Mr. Julien Dumontier offers to take care of it.

He already has experience in this area.

For example: regarding his family tree, he managed to go back to 1629 for his paternal branch (photo below) and to around 1610 for his maternal branch.

His services can include a surname search as well as a neighborhood search.

His prices start from €15.

For any questions, feel free to contact him.

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