“The dictionary of French proverbs and sayings” by Jean-Yves Dournon (1988)

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Cons :

Some examples from certain countries that we would have done without.

Pros :

As the back cover indicates, “3500 proverbs classified from 950 key words”. It can look scary, but in the “pocket book” format it is easy to read.

Here is a small selection of gems that will make you want to read this book:

_In the little boxes, the good ointments.

_Good books make good scholars.

_Big pains are silent.

_We must make a golden bridge for the fleeing enemy.

_The advice of boredom is the advice of the devil.

_The most covered fire is the most ardent.

_The ivy dies where it attaches.

_Woman who loves silence, has great knowledge.

_  “Fortune is like the shine of glass. She has the fragility”. POLYEUCTE.

_You must be a companion of your wife and a master of your horse.

_A mare’s kick has never hurt a horse.

_“The word was given to us to disguise our thoughts”. TALLEYRAND.

_”The best doctor is the pot”. SAVOY.

_Instinct does not deceive.

_ “You only die once”. MOLIÈRE.

_Nobility comes from virtue.

_Only things happen on earth that have already happened.

_Idleness is the devil’s pillow. ITALY

_When your left ear rings, great praise is given to you. When your right ear rings, your praise is set aside. BRITTANY

_Pride goes before falls. THE BIBLE

_Paper is more patient than men. Quoted by ANNE FRANK.

_He who forgives easily invites to offend.

_The word is silver. But the silence is gold.

_Whoever leaves the game loses it.

_Chi va piano, va sano. Chi va sano, va bene. Chi va bene, va lontano. Chi va lontano, va semper. ITALY.

_The only thing coarse about the peasant is his clogs.

_Perseverance overcomes everything.

_The drop of water ends up digging into the rock.

_Each pot has its lid.

_Short prayers penetrate the heavens.

_At the distaff, the fool kneels.

_Between the bridle and the spur, in all things lies reason.

_No rose without thorns.

_“Mix with wisdom a grain of madness. Sometimes it is good to forget wisdom.” HORACE to VIRGIL.

_Saint Nicholas marries girls with guys.

_Who has sage in their garden, doesn’t need a doctor.

_Sage and lavender, I tell you, cure any diseases.

_Who drinks sage, of Our-Lady remembers.

_The more we learn, the more we want to know. AUVERGNE.

_It’s the empty barrels that make the most noise.

_The eyes are the mirror of the soul.

_ » To want is to can « . ST.PAUL

_You don’t have to be more Catholic than the Pope.

_“One must not be more royalist than the King.” CHATEAUBRIAND

_Crozier of gold, Bishop of wood.

_Danger past, Saint mocked.

_The devil never sleeps.

_We must be wary of bigots.

_He only has the fervor of a novice.

_“Everyone’s enemy is the people of his household.” SAINT MATTHEW.

_Si vis pacem, para bellum (if you want peace, prepare for war).

_We never finish doing our duty.

_Who can do more, can do less.

_Rich man doesn’t know who is his friend.

_Well-off who knows.

_From the past we know the future.

_The fountain itself says it is thirsty.

_We only know our happiness when we have lost it.

_We grab the ox by the horns. And men by the tongue.

_The better we are, the more we see our goodness exploited.

_The Breton strikes first and then threatens.

_It’s always good to hold your horse by the bridle.

_The wise hide their thoughts.

_“There is no anger above the wrath of a woman.” THE ECCLESIASTES.

_To compare is to offend.

_Salt and advice are only given to those who ask for them. ITALY

_Everyone works in their own interest.

_It’s better to hold than to run.

_Small kitchen makes the house bigger.

_Who sings of his ills, makes his friends go away.

_We don’t give anything for nothing.

_We catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

_Drop after drop of water hollows out the stone.

_There is no worse water than sleeping water.

_The last one to come is the best loved (by the children).

_Hell is paved with good intentions.

_“From the sublime to the ridiculous, there is only one step.” NAPOLEON

_Too much favor is not good.

_Good woman. Worth the crown.

_The finest is not the one who sings. He is the one who listens. AGEN

_Silence makes the madman seem like a good man.

_A fool is he who wants to watch over a woman.

_If you go looking for trouble you’ll find it.

_To great lords, few words.

_Talking too much is harmful.

_Men are like melons, out of 10 there is 1 good one.

_Imagination is the madwoman of the house.

_Do good to a donkey, he will thank you with his droppings. NORTH

_In tall houses, the attic is empty.

_“All these virtues with which hell is full”. BOSSUET

 _ “The unfortunate are ungrateful. This is part of their misfortune.” VICTOR HUGO

_Slander is mainly directed towards those who marry and those who are dead.

_When New Year’s Eve is on a Sunday, sell your horse and mule and put the price of it in wheat safely. BRITTANY

_You must turn your tongue in your mouth 7 times before speaking.

_The hare always returns to its shelter.

_With perseverance and effort, you can achieve anything.

_There’s enough to do to watch what’s cooking in your pot, without looking at what’s cooking in your neighbor’s pot.

_The father’s profession influences the children’s choice of profession.

_Like Mother like daughter.

_He who does not give his son a profession gives him the profession of a thief.

_The better you are, the more you are taken for an imbecile.

_Walls have ears.

_Necessity lowers kindness.

_Necessity is the mother of industry, of inventions.

_We overcome everything with patience and care.

_The night (Moon) gives advices.

_The falcon learns to hunt on its own.

_The honest man must refrain from talking about dishonest things.

_“Merit is a fool if money does not accompany it.” MONTFLEURY

_“Human skin is irritable and ticklish.” CATHERINE II

_The sloth’s field is full of weeds.

_Every city that parleys is half surrendered.

_Who speaks lose, who listens win. ITALY

_Everyone advocates for their interests.

_With men, cunning is better than force.

_Patience overcomes everything.

_In his skin the wolf and the fox will die.

_Villain’s punishment is counted for nothing.

_ » The greatest thoughts come from the heart « . VAUVENARGUES

_Father must not fail his child.

_A good father must be everywhere. Last person lying down. First up.

_You have to constantly watch over your belongings.

_Where the police are missing. Malice abounds.

_Prevention is better than cure.

_Who knows nothing, doubts nothing.

_By laughter we know the madman and the simpleton.

_Too much frankness generates enemies.

_Everyone knows where his shoe hurts him.

_If by working a lot you became rich, so the donkeys would have golden packs.

_ » To live happy, live hidden « . FLORIAN

_Garlic in the evening is the doctor’s misfortune.

_Head pain wants to eat. Stomach pain wants to purge.

_Headache wants to sleep or graze.

_Valerian and burnet cure the most stubborn disease.

_Love makes you blind.

_Whoever wants to enjoy wings (her), must raise their thigh.

_If women knew what celery was worth to men, they would go to Rome to get it.

_Kissing too much makes you unlucky in the bed.

_The gruffer the goat, the more the goat licks him.

_The flower goes to the old cat.

_March sun, who gives emotions, but do not solve anything. (Refers to a woman who “turns on” but does not concede anything).

_Thyme helps to make love without end. BRITTANY

Conclusion :

An essential work for understanding more of the secrets of our strong ancestors.

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