The card game “The Healing Saints”

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Cons :

There are a some Saints who have proven themselves but who are missing in the deck. Like Saint Expeditus and Saint Philomena for example.

You can find more information about the Holy Healers/Thaumaturges below:

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Webite 1 : here
Website 2 : here
Website 3 : here

Pros :

Two super-positive points:

The first positive point is that you can use the game as a divination game. That is to say that you can ask your question in the game, for example “ Which Saint should I pray to when faced with (your problem)? ” » and then shuffle the deck until 1 card comes out.

In my opinion, if after 9 beats, nothing comes out, it means that everything is under control. So no need to worry.

The second positive point is that the game contains a memo about the Saints to pray for some specific health problems (written on four cards).

Super practical if you are on a travel for example.

Summary :

A very useful card game.

Hail Mary.

Quincey Morris