Scarface (1983)

IMDB page of the film : here

Cons :

_The gangster with the big heart is a myth. Do not forget that.

_According to the protagonist (Tony Montana) you have to earn as much money as possible and then you have to show your success. And only then, you can be in a relationship with a lady. This is a slightly reductive view of women’s expectations. Unfortunately, this is a view that is very widespread. Even among the ladies.

Pros :

_While “The Godfather” (1972) is a fairy tale, “Scarface” (1983) is much less politically correct.

_An excellent story. An exceptional cast. A premium staging. A great rhythm.

_Michelle Pfeiffer (Elvira Hancock) and Al Pacino (Tony Montana) are incredible.

_Many subtle messages.

Conclusion :

The emblem of the movie is the tiger. But you should know that the wolf and the fox have much more potential.