Which car for which use ?

Well you might not need the Batmobile of “Batman Begins” (2006) everyday. But other cars might suits you. Let’s take a look :

The roadster :

2 places ? Why not. It will be safer than a scooter anyway. But maybe you see yourself as a superhero ?

The city car :

Well there won’t be A LOT of space on it. But at least you will get some warm on it in the winter.

The sedan :

It was the classic family car… In a very sport way. But right now, it lacks of volume is problematic. It used to be the car of the gangsters. Do you see yourself like that ?

The minivan :

Toyota « Corolla Verso »

The minivan is the family car (or the cruiser) for the week-end since a long time now. Confortable and not huge. This can be a good compromise.

The truck :

Perfect for some works and some lifestyles. But not for every families.

The SUV :

Big. Often luxurious. With less volume than the two previous cars. Often expensive to take care of…

The caravan :

Bigger than a classic truck. This is a way of life. Perhaps not for everyone too…

Conclusion :

Choosing a car depends on your budget and on your needs. Always look for the solution the more simple.