How Our Lady saved me ?

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My life before

Well… At first, I am born in a Christian family. My Mother’s family was Christian. But my Father’s family was way less Christian.
The part of the country where I am born has a huge pagan legacy (it is Brittany in France).

When I was a teenager, I have been to some Catholic schools, but their teachings really hurted me… Especially about the sexuality… Because for them, everything was wrong… Anyway, at this time, as I said, I prayed Jesus a lot. Some good things happened. But mostly some dramas have been avoided. And I am grateful for that.

When I became an adult, I used to pray Jesus… But without big results… And after so much unlucky stories, I decided to give up on praying him… Also because I did not believed in forgiveness (and I still don’t).

First stunning dream

My life was tough. Very tough. One day, after some big problems, desperate, I asked the advices of any spirit who could help me. A lady appeared a bit on one of my dream. It was the Kelt Goddess “The Morrigan”. The message my heart received from her was clear “You are a Kelt. Hold your guts and fight back !”.

I am still grateful for her help.

Then I became an hardcore pagan.

Some years after, my life was still very tough. So, by rage, I decided to get a really “bad guy” tattoo. That was my number 5.

The second stunning dream

One day, my Mother told me that she saw a psychic and the guy told her about me “He don’t need to worry. Everything will be fine”. So that night, I have been to my bed thinking that “Well… I am stupid… Everything will be okay at last”.

And this very night, I have been very surprised because I saw on my sleep a lady who looked like Saint-Mary. And her message was something like “Well, what the psychic said was nice. But if you want to have that, you must pray me”.

The tomorrow morning, I said that to my Mother. We were very surprised. And to myself, I was very surprised that my “bad boy” tattoo have not been a problem for Our-Lady. She gaves me the hand… How generous… But why now and not before ? Mystery…

Some days after, I bought a little statue of Our-Lady…

And some months after… I had a very big problem… A big one… The kind of problem who cannot escape…

So because there were no solutions, and because I had 1 week without doing nothing, I decided to go every day, by foot, to pray to a statue of Our-Lady in a town near by…

I did. And one day, I even prayed at loud and said to her again what was going on and what will happen…

Believe me or not… One week after… The problem was solved… A damn miracle… I know, I am damn lucky…

The consequences

This incredible action was more than 4 years ago.

If you are honest, you cannot forget something like this.

And recently, I decided to help more the Anglican church…

You, who read my lines, I deeply hope that Our-Lady will helps you too.

Vlad Tépès

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