Having a drink with the Christ

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« In Vino Veritas » they say. Well, in fact, yesterday, after a little party, I was on my way home, by foot, and I thought about the Christ.
I said to myself
“Well, in fact, that is very nice to worship someone who knew what it is to drink…”.

Because in fact, being human is being worried.
And many people prefer to have a drink than to go to see a psychologist (recent profession by the way).

So I had the real need to write this little post. And I found this lovely picture to promote it. Thanks to the Divine :’-).

Let’s talk about this in two nice and little parts.

The right guy to have a drink with

What it is to pray ? If not releasing your worries to a friend.
And the Christ is your friend.

So when you pray (at loud is way better according to me) say everything you have to say. As if you were drunk. Let it go. Spill it. Exorcise what worries you !

I met many people who had the Christ who struck into their lives. And they told me that he is a good listener. And a good adviser. So go ahead.

I would also say that I prayed him to protect someone I love and I received a sign telling me that he did. He also protected me… Way more times that I admit… Thank you so much Jesus.

What they say about him ?

Well you know, in my opinion, there is many faces to the good. And it is quite possible that some very positive gods exists and interact with the Christ. So let’s have a bit of fun and let’s imagine what they could say about him :

Odin : « What I could say about Jesus ? Well he is a great guy. In fact he is more into the wine than me. But it’s fine. And I am sure he likes the beer in secret » (laugh).

Dyonisos : « He is fantastic ! And how grateful I am to him to have promote the wine in such a massive way ! This is stunning. Cheers ! ».   

Dagda : « He don’t say any bullsh*t. He is humble. Lot of humour. Easy going. I like him. That’s my dude ».

Shiva : « I like him. We had a lot of fun ».

Anubis : « I will pay the next round ! ».

Conclusion :

In fact, buying and drinking wine everyday can be a bit of a problem. But the next time you use some vinegar in your salad, think that you are honouring our Saviour. Cheers !

Mina Harker

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