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The name Fidelium animae comes from the sentence “ Fidelium animae per misericordiam dei requiescant in pace. Amen “ which means “ The faithful departed by the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen ”. Fidelium Animae is the author of superb watercolors ! You can discover them on her Instagram profile.This artist has two favorite subjects: Saint-Mary and Corsica. She is a real star. Discover her interview just below :

OJL : Hello Fidelium animae.
Fidelium animae : Hello.

OJL : Let’s start with some warm-up quesitons. Tea or coffee ?
Fidelium animae : Coffee.

OJL : Red wine or champagne ?
Fidelium animae : White wine.

OJL : Sausage or andouillette ?
Fidelium animae : Sausage.

OJL : Dog or cat ?
Fidelium animae : Cats.

OJL : Chocolatine or pain au chocolat ?
Fidelium animae : Pain au chocolat.

OJL : All right. Let’s talk about your works. Through your superb works, what do you want to highlight ?
Fidelium animae : First of all : the beauty. Pictures that are beautiful, true, which simply illustrate my journey towards the Catholic faith. And also my journey in learning the history of France. And the discovery of my country.

OJL : Your first publication are from 2017. And your first publication on a Christian theme are from 2020. Did you have a revelation about the faith, as it is the case for many people ?
Fidelium animae : I have been drawing since I was very little. I drew westerns, mangas, all kinds of things as I wandered around. When I converted, quite naturally, I told myself that I was going to share my journey through pictures. So, I met other Catholic artists. French or not. And gradually share it with them. I decided to dedicate all my drawings to the Catholic faith. Entirely.

OJL : Can we buy some of your works ?
Fidelium animae : Starting August 25, 2021, Saint Louis Day, I had the idea of offering kits that people can use to pray, strengthen their faith or simply have beautiful pictures at home. And so, these will be reproductions, either in the form of postcards or stickers or prayer cards. This will be accompanied by a blessed miraculous medal. These little kits will be limited edition. There will be several throughout the year.

OJL : Do you make some portraits ? Some commissions ?
Fidelium animae : I think I will open the commissions. That is to say a person who wants me to illustrate a particular theme. It doesn’t matter the format or drawing technique. I reserve the right to refuse if it is not in line with my values.

OJL : What is the best way to contact you ?
Fidelium animae : By private message on Instagram.

OJL : Let’s talk about your philosophical values. What words inspire you ?
Fidelium animae : Hope. In the Catholic faith, hope is despair overcome. This is an important virtue. Then, another word that inspires me : strength. Since without strength one cannot have hope in my opinion. And that’s something we all miss sometimes. Truth and justice are words I like to link together. And which are almost non-existent these days. They have lost their objectivity. I also try to illustrate this truth on my own scale.

OJL : Is there a quote that helps you get up in the morning ?
Fidelium animae : No, not really.

OJL : Is there a quote that gives you a boost when things get tough ?
Fidelium animae : It is in a psalm “ righteousness from heaven has looked down and truth has sprung up from the earth ”.

OJL : Is there a motto that you admire ?
Fidelium animae : “ French without fear. Christians without reproach ” by the Chevalier Bayard.

OJL : About Christianity. What Christian leaning are you ?
Fidelium animae : I consider myself Catholic. And I find that putting people in boxes makes no sense. Even, this annoys me !

OJL : What does Saint Mary means to you ?
Fidelium animae : For me, she is the Queen of the universe. It is the surest way to grow in your faith. She is a valuable help on a daily basis.

OJL : Who are your favorite archangels ?
Fidelium animae : Saint Michael above all, protector of France.

OJL : Who are the feminine Saints who inspire you ?
Fidelium animae : Saint Anne who is my patroness, mainly.

OJL : Who are the masculine Saints who inspire you ?
Fidelium animae : There are many :
_ Saint Louis because I am passionated about the Middle Ages. And I think he is an emblematic Saint for our times. Because, in my opinion, he represents the pinnacle of our country. Whether politically, in terms of charity, justice, the Christian faith and the influence of France. I think it is a model for our era.
_Obviously there is also Saint Joseph. The patron saint of workers. Like others, I am positively shocked to see that he is responding in a very concrete way to prayers. For example, to build a house, exactly as you want it . Finding a job, the same. Solve financial problems.
_Saint Christopher. Patron saint of travelers. Since I often cross France by car. And that I can testify to really important protection. Because in particular I often had a cold sweat on the road.

OJL : On a daily basis, what does being a Christian mean to you ?
Fidelium animae : I would say it’s trying to grow in holiness every day. To stay in the will of God. So this implies a certain way of life. Maybe some renunciations. In any case, daily efforts to become better.

OJL : What is your favorite Christian place ? Is there many ?
Fidelium animae : I have two. First, my favorite sanctuary is on the Italian border. Santa Anna of Vinabio . And second, the basilica of Pontmain in Mayenne, a Marian sanctuary (where the Virgin Mary appeared).

OJL : About your homeland.What does Corsica represents to you ?
Fidelium animae : It is my homeland (smile). It is a part of my family history. It is a very strong attachment. A nostalgia dear to my heart… But I would like to point out that I am Provencal .

OJL : What does being a Patriot mean to you ?
Fidelium animae : Loving your country and knowing it. Defending it.

OJL : What does Jehanne d’Arc mean to you ?
Fidelium animae : Well I would like us to have a new Joan of Arc. She represents the necessary strength we need today. I remember that Saint-Michel said to her “ Go young girl, I will guide you ”.

OJL : For you, what is France ?
Fidelium animae : The most beautiful country in the world. Certainly, I feel more Provencal than French. But we must recognize that our country contains magnificent regions. This is also part of Catholic teaching, because the country is the place where God has placed us. So we must love our country.

OJL : What is your favorite French song ?
Fidelium animae : I don’t have a favorite French song.

OJL : What is your favorite French city ?
Fidelium animae : I don’t like what big cities have become. But I like the small town of Barcelonette on the border with Italy.

OJL : What is your favorite French monument ?
Fidelium animae : Good question… The basilica of Lisieux.

OJL : Who are your 3 favorite French women ?
Fidelium animae : Eleanor of Aquitaine because she had an incredible life. Joan of Arc. Saint Thérèse of Lisieux.

OJL : Who are your 3 favorite French people ?
Fidelium animae : Saint Louis. Knight Bayard. The Vendée in generals.

OJL : For you, who are the greatest French men and women in the cultural field ? Artists, models, singers etc…
Fidelium animae : As a painter myself, I would say all the impressionist painters.

OJL : What is your opinion on entrepreneurship ?
Fidelium animae : I was always told “ It’s the French who have the ideas. It’s the Americans who sell.” And I see it in my professional field, French companies which have valid ideas are bought by the Americans, because these companies cannot survive very long in France… Otherwise I think that entrepreneurship is very good, but very difficult in France. This allows you to have autonomy, which is becoming more and more necessary these days, when you want to keep certain values, sometimes contradictory with the professional environment.

OJL : Can you name 3 qualities that the French possess ?
Fidelium animae : The French, in my opinion, remain irascible Gauls. Creatives. And resourceful people.

OJL : Can you name 3 faults that the French must correct ?
Fidelium animae : Only three?! Stop complaining. The French are very grumpy. And that’s also why we seek to perfect everything we do. Which means that we have companies that have brilliant ideas. You have to use this complaining side in a positive way, to rise up. And not to put yourself down. In today’s world, people’s lack of commitment dismays me. They prefer to stay in their little comfort. Materialism is used to enslave us . Likewise, in today’s world, debates on gender seem useless to me. We must relearn how to be fully a man and fully a woman in order to fight the society that is being prepared for us.

OJL : Thank you for this interview. Congratulations for what you do. May Saint Mary protects you.
Fidelium animae : Thank you. Deo Gratias.