Three crosses, one faith

Thanks to Isabella L. for having shared this picture.

Our ancestors were far from stupid. And archeology proves it to us more every day.

New evidences ? This monument in this picture.

This stone stele may be reminiscent of a menhir. It is located in Armenia, in the east, near Agdam, and near the village of Haci.

Take the time to look at it. Do you notice ? On it we can see 3 crosses :
_The cross of Armenia in the center.
_Below the Kelt (Celt) cross. Note the presence of Keltic interlacing.
_And at the base, the German (Iron) cross.

Why these 3 crosses?
It is very likely that with this stele, our ancestors wanted to mark in stone the alliance between Armenians, Kelts and Germans Christians.

It is really beautiful.

Hail Mary.

Alpha Centauri