Watchmen (2009)

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Because of the propaganda who started after the fall of the Berlin Wall, few films have been truly cult since the 2000s.
But fortunately, there are some fishes that slip through the cracks.
And Watchmen is one of those rare fishes.

Cons :

_A movie which still remains quite politically correct.
_This artwork does not necessarily give hope. While in reality, solutions exist (praying Our Lady for example. Believe me, she is a REAL superhero). So yes, this “depressed” side is quite upsetting.
And this is a classic criticism of “graphic novels” from DC comics.

Pros :

_It’s a big budget film. The rhythm is great as for the music and the images. This is serious work.
_Deep characters. Adult issues.
_Zack Snyder shows us once again that he is a great director.
_Jeffrey Dean Morgan is excellent in the role of “The Comedian”.
_The theme of the plurality of “me” is shown by one of Doctor Manhattan’s powers. This theme is also outlined in the film “Limitless” (2011).

Conclusion :

A superhero movie greatly made.
To find out more about the original comic [spoilers alert] here is a video

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