Under Armour : the brand of the alphas ?

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Official website : https://www.underarmour.com/en-us/

Well, I like the brand Under Armour. And perhaps this lady helped (wink) : link
More seriously here are my 5 reasons :

1_Not the reputation of Nike & Adidas

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If don’t know for you, but here in France, scums wear Nike and Adidas. That is a shame. And those brands never did anything against that. Worst, they play their games…

Those global brands did not understand that you cannot dress everybody. It is impossible.

The desire to be global made those brands to do too many compromises. Until they fully lost their identity to make money. And now, snob people like me, now go for others brands.

2_A sport brand who also works for the soldiers

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The name of the brand can be translated in French as “blindé” which means “armoured”. Well, pretty badass don’t you think ?
In fact, UA makes some military and tactical gear for the ladies : link. And for the men : link.
And it can get better… Look at the Freedom collection for the ladies : link. And for the men : link.

Is it a miracle ?

3_Popular in the fitness clubs

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In the fitness club where I go, the people who wear UA are not the same kind that the ones who wear other brands. The UA people are more into the performances. They have more discipline. And the fact that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is an ambassador of the brand : helps. The fact that the DNA of the brand is the American Football helps too.

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I admire bodybuilding (with or without nutrition) and for me, UA is really linked with it.

4_Chic because of the golf line

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Well this is a good idea. Because some sports are more premium than others.

If I am correct, the British say that there are three noble sports : golf, horse riding and hunting.
Well I would say that there is also the ship racing, the fencing, the clay shooting and others perhaps.

5_And those beautiful shoes

The picture is not mine but I am grateful to wear those beautiful shoes when I go to the gym. They are beautiful (they come from the HOVR collection).

I also love this one :

Conclusion :

Link to the picture : here

Let’s pray that Under Armour will never be a brand for the scums.