ABC lounge radio : « Sea, love and soft music »

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ABC Lounge Radio accompanies you gently and refinement all day long and often at night too.

Its musical programming allows you to discover and appreciate talented international artists, as well

only melodious sounds of jazz, folk, variety pop and relaxing instrumentals.

Let yourself be lulled by this enchanting sound and join the thousands of fans already won over by this elixir of well-being.

Present on all listening platforms such as TuneIn, Deezer, Radioline, vTuner (Samsung, Pioneer, Loewe, Philips, Denon…), ABC Lounge Radio distils its relaxing atmosphere in perfect harmony with

your daily activities. She welcomes your guests without ever attacking you and whispering words to you soft to fall asleep.

Available for free for iOS and Android, this digital radio will quickly become precious to your ears and your heart.

Across borders

The democratization of the smartphone and the decline in data consumption costs have become commonplace listening to online radios allowing you to reach a global audience.

Launched in 2010, ABC Lounge Radio is one of the most popular French stations internationally.

It has gained strong support in Europe (Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Poland), as well as in Canada, Latin America (Brazil, Argentina), in Eastern countries (Russia) and in Asia (Japan).

Whatever the culture, it attracts and retains a wide range of listeners thanks to its positioning singular, in this world of digital audio yet well supplied.

Loyal listeners

ABC Lounge Radio has attracted a large community of listeners for several years. She accompanies them in all their relaxation and leisure activities, professional and during their travels.

Aged 26 and over (96%*), this CSP+ audience multicultural company confirms its commitment every day strong for listening to this musical program outside standards, with numerous testimonials of satisfaction to be consulted on the application stores.

(*Source: Deezer for ABC Lounge Radio)

Strong visibility

Since its launch and taking advantage of the rise in power of digital audio as a listening medium privileged, ABC Lounge Radio has been able to develop a real web SEO expertise.

It has become essential based on criteria of research in relation to its themes (radio lounge, lounge webradio, lounge online radio, lounge music…), naturally propelling it to the 1st page of indexing engines.

A rewarding brand

Concerned about promoting values of well-being, appeasement and gentleness through a choice unifying musical music accessible to all, ABC Lounge Radio frees itself from languages and cultures by establishing itself sustainably in many countries.

Essential on the web and leader on all online platforms, ABC’s international notoriety Lounge Radio allows sponsors and partners to engage in effective and qualitative multi-channel communication campaigns.

Digital audio represents a real opportunity to reach a captive and engaged audience, by creating unique moments with a strong emotional impact.

A confirmed audience

1st French online radio on TuneIn

Leading global radio aggregation platform offering 120,000 streams with 75 million users monthly, 400 million hours of monthly listening, 100 million downloads of its application and 1 million reviews rating it 4.5/5.

1st French radio station on and its Italian, Spanish, Portuguese versions, Swedish, Danish and Polish

Platform offering 40,000 radios and 1 million podcasts. 8 million monthly users, 33 million visits on mobile and web, 35 million downloads of the mobile application in 14 languages.

1st French online radio on MyTuner

Platform bringing together more than 50,000 stations.

More 30 million listeners use it. Its application mobile, downloaded 10 million times, is rated 4.6/5 with 160,000 positive reviews.

1st French online radio broadcast on all connected devices Samsung, Audi, Pioneer, Loewe, Philips… via the operator vTuner

Philips, Pioneer, Roberts, Samsung, Loewe, Denon, Audi, Naim, Onkyo, Phorus, Revox, Teac, Swisscom, Sangean, Arcam… and many others use the vTuner technology platform for audio streaming to products of all types (hi-fi systems, televisions, radios, car radios, telephones, tablets, computers, game consoles).


+ 3 million monthly listening hours all media combined

+950,000 annual visitors to the ABC Lounge Radio website

+ 500,000 app downloads ABC Lounge Radio (Android, iOS, Windows Phone)

+200,000 subscribers on the global platform

4.8/5 satisfaction index on the App Store

4.9/5 satisfaction index on Google Play

1st radio Ambient-Lounge on Radioline, European leader in radio aggregators

1st French radio on Raddios, Latin American leader in radio aggregators

1st French radio on Radio Volna, Eastern European leader in radio aggregators