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Jaeden “ShadesofStyx” is a French creator specializing in black ink illustration (markers or calligraphy pens). He is based in the Mayenne. He began selling his works on Etsy in 2021 and offers shipping worldwide.

In this case these are traditional illustrations on textured sheets ranging from the classic A4 to A3 format with a preference for the latter.

Due to his profession as a tattoo artist, Jaeden has an appetite for black and white and likes to explore the different subjects that inspire him in monochrome tones both on the skin and on the paper.

His works can be unique (custom-made, personalized, to order). But they can also be reproductions, by printing, of his original creations from his own universe.

His creations are inspired by his personal readings but also by the mythologies he appreciates. More particularly Greek mythology (hence his artist name, paying an homage to the river Styx) and cultures from around the world.

Moreover, he travels regularly to South Africa where he lived for 3 years.

He particularly appreciates monsters and fantastic creatures and sees his inspirations born in the different descriptions of them or in the tales they inhabit. He is also inspired by his dreams, as well as old pieces of architecture or cabinets of curiosities that he brings together in his imagination.

The techniques used on paper are borrowed and adapted from crosshatching and engraving, which consist of crossing lines on the paper in order to create different contrasts and thus achieve volume effects. This comes from his love for period medical or medieval illustrations, but also from the different works found in certain encyclopaedias and bestiaries.

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