Who is Ron Swanson ?

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Ron Swanson is a character incarnated by Nick Offerman in “Parks and recreation” (2009-2015). He is the responsible of the parks in his city.
This man is a caricature of the bored man. A public worker… Who hates the public system. Libertarian, Christian, patriot etc… He is in a complete opposition of his colleagues who are, for the most, kind of some hippies under substances (almost “woke” for the time).
He is not full of joy contrary to those hypocrites. And their relationships are shown in a humorous way.
His abundant and dense moustache is legendary (is it real by the way ?). He have no shame to represents the (hated) male archetype.

Here is a compilation of some quotes of Sir Ron Swanson :

A really interesting character that we never saw before on a big TV show.
Thank you so much to all the makers of this show.

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