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Constance Marchal is an artist and artisan jeweller. Her workshop is located in Sillé-le-Guillaume (next to Le Mans). She views jewellery as a sculpture, an object in its own right, with meaning and carrying a message.

A rich journey

Constance Marchal began to be interested in art at a very young age, drawing during classes, tinkering, or making little origami jewellery. After the baccalaureate, she decided to study Art. It begins with an upgrade in applied arts at the “École Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et des Métiers d’Arts” (ENSAAMA) in Paris.

Subsequently, she graduated from “Les Métiers d’Art” with a specialty in metal. There she learned artisanal goldsmithing techniques such as hammering, welding, turning, patinas, etc…

She deepened her know-how by joining the “Haute École de Joaillerie” (formerly BJOP). There, she perfected her technique and precision. And discover traditional jewellery techniques.

Currently, she continues to train with other artisans or on her own. Which allowed her to learn. For example : the basis of wood sculpture from a sculptor, then the working of the glass with a blowtorch with Michi Suzuki, then working on the enamel with “Les Tailleurs d’Images” etc…

A unique vision

Constance Marchal decides to launch her company “Thymamai” at the beginning of 2022.

Thymamai means “I remember” in Greek (θυμάμαι). And this word comes from the ancient Greek “O thumos”, (ό θυμός) which means “the breath, the soul”.
I was looking for a name that relates to memory because my jewellery is inspired by our European history, our culture and nature. Each of my jewellery carries meanings and symbols. The spirit of the brand is to rely on our History and our values, to remember the past to build our future. I seek to infuse the “European soul” into my jewelry”.

Constance Marchal works with silver and gilded brass. She creates and manufactures her jewellery in an artisanal way in her workshop in the Sarthe [France], and can create tailor-made and totally personalized jewellery.

A complete artist

Constance Marchal also loves photography. Whether it’s “an encounter with an animal, a ray of sunshine, a drop of water, I like to freeze them forever in memory. And keep in mind the memories of a big celebration, an exceptional event, or a special moment, with family or friends”.

Constance Marchal also draws. Here again, admire below her project around the titanide Mnemosyne and her daughters the Muses. Fantastic…

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