The constellations of Karine Degorre

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Karine Degorre lives in the Paris region… But spends a lot of time in very distant worlds ! She mainly does illustration, but also jewellery and her incredible “sun catchers” (a nod to “dream catchers”). She has many passions in life. As :
_The drawing (logically).
_Making with her own hands.
_Reading a lot. For example, books about the fantasy, science fiction and children’s literature,
_And the medieval era.
Portrait of a positive and enterprising jack-of-all-trades.

OJL : Hello Karine
Karine : Hello.

OJL : Four quick questions before getting to the heart of the matter.
As you live in Boulogne Billancourt, can you tell us what your favourite café is there ? And what do you consume there ?
Karine : You can go to “Cusuaka”. It was a designer friend who opened it with her husband. You are sure to find some great coffees there! I also like to have a huge mug of coffee (with milk) in the morning. Or a hot tea for a reading break in winter.

OJL : And what is your favourite park or place in Boulogne Billancourt ? Or in Hauts-de-Seine (92) ?
Karine : Very good question ! I never really thought about it, but this weekend we went for a walk on the island of Saint-Germain and on the banks on the Issy side and I was just saying to myself that we were lucky to live near such a nice place…

OJL : Next, what was the last book you read ? And the last song you listened to ?
Karine : _About the last book I read (and finished at 1 a.m.) was “The Selkie” by Megära Nolhan, an absolutely brilliant urban fantasy series (I recommend it!!).
_About the song, at the moment I’m in my Folk period. I have a huge crush on the group Kalandra that I saw in concert recently ! I recommend their song “Borders”.

OJL : Finally, do you have a quote and/or proverb that you like ?
Karine : “DON’T LET GO”! (laughs). I even made a sticker of it.

OJL : Let’s talk a little about you now. How could you introduce yourself ?
Karine : I have been passionate about art and drawing since I could hold a pencil. Today I work on illustration using gouache, coloured pencil and digital painting. I am a big reader of imaginative literature. I am a lover of plants, medieval times, Brittany and recently knitting. And it’s the poetry of all these worlds that inspires me every day.
You will also notice a slight obsession with purple (laughs), stars and anything that sparkles. Long live the glitter ! (laughs). These elements that you will find many times in my creations. Like a trademark.
Working with colour is really my favourite part of illustration. In my opinion, the slightest touch of colour can completely change the perception of a drawing and the message we want it to convey…
I also studied design. Which gave me a certain sensitivity towards drawing but also towards the object itself. This is why I like to think about my illustrations and my creations down to the smallest detail of paper texture, thickness, shine… and make it a real object that people can (I hope) fall in love with (smile).

OJL : Don’t worry, we noticed that purple and glitter… You like that (laughs). Who are the artists who inspire you ? Who motivates you ?
Karine : I must admit that I have trouble remembering the names of the artists (this dates from my “Art History” classes) but I really like medieval art. That really inspires me a lot. But also the movements of the Impressionists (for their work with colours) or the Pre-Raphaelites.

OJL : Why not choosing a pseudonym ?
Karine : I wanted to keep my name for copyright and trademark registration concerns. It was simpler that way…

OJL : Let’s talk a little about your work now. What do you offer ?
Karine : On my online store you can find bookmarks (which is the first product I wanted to make and which will remain my favourite), I often work with bookmarks in duos or quartets, giving them a certain duality, I found that this vertical format lent itself very well to this exercise, but also stickers, pins, posters, postcards… Often worked with glitter or holographic finishes… I like (you understood it ) especially anything that sparkles !

OJL : We can clearly see your specificities. But there are more than just illustrations in your store. We also see jewellery there. And these famous “suncatchers”. Tell us more please ?
Karine : In 2022, I also began creating unique, entirely handmade pieces.
_First with jewellery.
_Then now with suncatcher mobiles.
They are composed of a crystal that refracts light as well as a structure completely drawn, designed, painted and varnished by hand by me. These pieces are particularly close to my heart because they reflect everything I want to convey in my work : gentleness, joy and poetry.

OJL : Your manual creations are tip-top. Well done. What are your latest news?
Karine : For the past few months you can also find me at designer markets in the Paris region, particularly in Boulogne where I am part of the association “the creators of Boulogne” with a lot of absolutely brilliant creators !

OJL : Last question. You definitely have friends who are doing amazing things ! If you want to promote them a little, now is the time !
Karine : Of course !
_All the creators of the association “the creators of Boulogne”:
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and I’m probably forgetting lots of them!

OJL : Bravo for what you do. May Our Lady protects you.
Karine : Thank you very much. Have a nice day everyone.

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