« Baby, Bible & Boxe » the 3B of Fabrice Tiozzo

Link to the picture : here

Many years ago, I was a kid and I was watching a big event who was one boxe match of Fabrice Tiozzo in the channel “Canal +”.

At a moment, a sportscaster said “Well, you know Fabrice Tiozzo declared : there is 3B in my life, Baby, Bible and Boxe”.

I found this sentence really interesting.

Because in fact, a true love, a badass sport and the Christian religion is what I need the most too.

To know more about Fabrice Tiozzo, here is his Wikipedia page

And some videos I found on Youtube :

The video starts with the legendary sportscaster Thierry Gilardi…
The interviewer is also a legend : Thierry Ardisson

Vlad Tepes