Anima Mercurii : medieval engravings

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Anima Mercurii is a French artist engraver. Anima Mercurii means “ soul of Mercuri “ in latin. She is located in Touraine. She started her activity in 2022. She creates reproductions of old engravings, her original works and tailor-made creations.

She is essentially inspired by the masters of the German Renaissance, such as Dürer, Holbein and Amman. Her favorite themes are genre scenes, esotericism, alchemy, mysticism, and even botany. It should be noted that Anima Mercurii is knowledgeable in symbolism since she is a tattoo artist.

Her methods of creation are artisanal and traditional. The type of engraving she does is linoleum engraving. Using a matrix made from linoleum, she draws the model, then engraves it with gouges. This technique is called “ taille d’épargne ”. Thus, what is intended to be inked is spared from the gouges. The white spaces are thus hollowed out and removed by the tools. After the engraving stage, the artist inks the plate, places paper on the matrix, then she places the matrix and the paper in an old press dating from the 19th century. After the pressure has been exerted, the paper can be removed and… the engraving can finally be revealed !

Anima Mercurii’s works are truly rock’n roll. There is a timeless and rebellious soul in his work. A real treat. Feel free to go see her works and to contact her.

Quincey Morris