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Cristina Manciu divides her life between Bucharest (Romania) and Melun (France).
She is a freelance graphic designer. She has a competitor mind. And a furious desire to achieve her goals.
Design is her passion. But it is a design oriented towards a demanding style. Refined. Elegant. Even unique.
When she is not working (which is rare) she simply enjoys walking in the two countries of her heart… Or elsewhere, as she likes to travel. And it is during these walks that she likes to discover the houses she passes. Since she is also passionate about architecture.

OJL : Hello Cristina.
Cristina : Hello.

OJL : Four quick questions before getting to the heart of the matter.
As you live between Bucharest and Melun, can you tell us what your favourite café is in one or each of these cities ? And what do you like to take there ?
Cristina : As for Bucharest, I like to go to “Ceainaria Infiniteea”. There I like to enjoy a “latte” with a cheesecake. This combination is popular in the Romanian capital.
As for Melun, I haven’t seen all the establishments yet (laughs). But the “Brasserie du Pont” already has a special place in my heart. And what do I take there ? Well, there are so many good things to enjoy in France that I don’t know what to tell you (laughs).

OJL : And what is your favourite park or place ?
Cristina : In Melun, I like to walk along the banks of the Seine. The tranquility and serenity of these spaces quickly won me over.

OJL : Next, what was the last book you read ? And the last song you listened to ?
Cristina : _About the book… Well the last one I read was about internet SEO… Honestly, not the most captivating work I’ve read… But fortunately, very useful in my work !
_About the song, I would say “Ai Du” by Ali Farka Touré & Ry Cooder. I find that this composition has an “old blues” side which makes this piece timeless.

OJL : Finally, do you have a quote and/or proverb that you like ?
Cristina : You know I love quotes, right ? (laughs). Ah la la… How to choose… Well I would happily quote Madame Coco Chanel with this dazzling sentence “If you were born without wings, do nothing to stop them from growing”.

OJL : Let’s talk a little about you now. How could you introduce yourself ?
Cristina : I work in the field of fashion design and communication. I have a particular appetite for refinement and elegance but also for originality. I like working on unique projects that will leave a positive impact.

OJL : Who are the artists who shaped you ? Who struck you down ? In a few names and why.
Cristina : There are so many… Have you seen how much I try to pay tribute to them all ? (laughs). Where would we be without these masters ? Well… I would first like to mention Monet, Rembrandt, Michelangelo, Da Vinci and Picasso.
Then, all the artists that I was able to discover in Paris (mainly at the Louvre) and in Amsterdam (at the “Rijksmuseum” and the “Van Gogh Museum”). Finally, I would like to mention women who have had a deep impact on me such as Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn, Princess Diana (Lady Di) and the enigmatic Marilyn Monroe. Their intelligence and charisma have made history and motivate me every day.

OJL : How did you choose the name of your store ?
Cristina : I chose an English name for my store. Don’t blame me, dear French people (laughs).
Why this name ? Well I wanted that my customers to understand that I offer a concept, a spirit, behind these products.
It’s not just fresh and friendly products. There is a real personality behind it. Audacity. Panache. In short, something very French in theory, right ? (laughs).

OJL : Let’s talk a little about your work now. What are you creating ?
Cristina : Well… I like t-shirts (laughs). I know, I know, since I am passionate about elegance, this may seem a bit paradoxical. I should be more interested in haute couture, right ? And yet you can be chic in a t-shirt (to quote Karl Lagerfeld). The t-shirt is for me like the canvas of a painting. If I dare to add something to it, it is to give it real added value. Otherwise you might as well leave it blank.
I also offer paintings for interior decoration. These “wall art” images have a strong personality. Like my t-shirts, they revolve around the theme of femininity, freshness and joy.

OJL : How can you define your style ?
Cristina : Feminine I would say. In the wind. Tendency. And without any hassle.

OJL : What techniques do you use ?
Cristina : Whatever the project, I have to start by drawing by hand. I know that some people start from the start with the computer, but I need to work in a traditional way at the beginning. As did all the people I admire.
Then, once I have a concept that suits me, I use the modern techniques that we are all familiar with.
I think it’s healthy and ingenious to work in this way. We take the best of both worlds.

OJL : Can we place you a personalized order ?
Cristina : Absolutely ! It’s something I love. Besides, customers often have brilliant ideas.
In this regard, I recently received an order to have one of my visuals printed on the back of a t-shirt from one of my clients. This person was delighted with the result. She’s wearing a really unique t-shirt now. A real work in itself.

OJL : Can we subscribe to your newsletter ?
Cristina : Soon (wink).

OJL: Do you have an anecdote about the creation of one of your products ? Or one of your sales ?
Cristina: At the moment I don’t have any. But since I want original products for unusual customers. I’m sure I’ll have some soon ! (laughs).

OJL: Last question. You definitely have friends who are doing amazing things ! If you want to promote them a little, now is the time !
Cristina: My friends are not in creative fields. But I kiss them very much.

OJL: Bravo for what you do. May Our Lady protects you.
Cristina: Thank you.

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