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It is often said that the Bretons are taciturns… But that they like to party.

Indeed, it seems that they are not the lasts when it comes to savoring some liqueurs… But there are not only the spirits to relax. There are also the plumes of the smoke of the cigars. And be careful ! Don’t tell an aficionado that he is a smoker! Some have never touched a cigarette in their life!

No, the cigar is an art. An art of living by itself. And the most awake of the Bretons have understood this well. This is why “Cigares & Bretagne” have been created in June 2020.

Here is the group’s presentation video:

If you would like more information about it, you can go to

Remember that Gainsbourg said “God is a Havana smoker” 😉

Mina Harker