Mabrocanges : Basque pendulums with character

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Éliane makes pendulums. She is located in the Basque Country [France] in Ascain. She started in 2019. Initially, Éliane has been a medium and an energy therapist since 1996. And it is precisely because of her main activity that she had the idea of creating her own pendulums. Éliane says “I have used the pendulum in my activity for a very long time. And because I love creating jewelry, one day I had the idea of creating my own pendulum. In order to have one who could more suits to my tastes. I wanted something a little baroque and chic. After having made my own, I thought about marketing it. And the success have been immediate”.

Initially, I created my pendulums in a completely classic way. But over time, I perfected my technique. In order to get more and more to the result I desired .” Éliane adds “For the metal, I use stainless steel or lead- and nickel-free alloys. For stones, they can be raw or worked. For pearls, it depends on the wishes of my customers. Concerning the pendants, it’s the same thing, customers can choose the one that suits them from my stocks or I can make one for them”.

Éliane, through her profession, brings considerable added value to her creations. Indeed, she can “awaken and harmonize ” the stones you have chosen. And she can brings you some very valuable advice.

Since Éliane continues to make jewelry, you can buy “cameos” from her. These victorian style cameos are made of resin and can be mounted as pendants, brooches, earrings etc… Feel free to contact Éliane if you want an effective pendulum that brings you harmony.

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