“Chiens Noirs” by Jean-Baptiste Mary : a new story about Joan of Arc

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“Chiens Noirs” is a historical adventure novel by Jean-Baptiste Mary. That is to say that it is a fiction set against the backdrop of real events and based on true historical elements.

The story takes place during a pivotal period of the Hundred Years’ War and the history of France. Between 1411 and 1412, three years before the Battle of Agincourt, England was still agitated by peasant revolts and the appearance of a new heresy. But also by the war in Wales and Scotland. However, English power seems to be strengthening unlike the French throne whose authority is wavering at the same time as the spirit of King Charles VI.

In this context of multiple wars, political plots, corruption and betrayals, a crew of mercenaries is paid to ensure the protection of a convoy and to secure a person who can save the kingdom of France from its enemies.

If Joan of Arc does indeed belong to the “national novel”, she nevertheless has a dimension which makes her superior to other French historical figures. This dimension is steeped in mysteries, religion and prophecy.

Mystery of her ability to recognize Charles VII hidden among his courtiers… Of her dialogue with the latter… Of her mission at the head of the French armies… And finally of her charisma among soldiers with such a brutal reputation.

“Chiens Noirs” by Jean-Baptiste Mary is a novel that reinforces our fascination for Joan of Arc. This novel is part of the literary exercise of transmitting our collective memory. But also what makes our country, its spiritual and physical fabric, our traditions, our myths and our legends.

And what makes our French history… Is still very much alive.

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