Bul Armory « Cherokee compact »

Link to the main picture : here

Official website : https://www.global.bularmory.com/

“Bul Armory” is an Israeli firearms manufacturer. You can see their logo with a bull… Yeah like Taurus… And Wikipedia says that they make clones of weapons from other brands… Great…

Anyway, their less expensive pistol is the “Cherokee compact”. Let’s see a review about it. And how to disassemble and to reassemble it.

And now the field strip for cleaning purpose : Link (Almost an ASMR video…).

Cons :

_Do not exist in 22LR for now
_Seems not made to be concealed
_Not ambidextrous
_Not that easy to disassemble

Neutral :

_CZ clone
_The “Baby Eagle” of Magnum Research is made by Bul Armory
_The double action is not so dramatic
_The handle is special

Pros :

_The molded handle
_The trigger seems okay (even if it looks strange)
_Cleaning tools in the box

Conclusion :

This pistol looks rough. But why not.