Anderson Manufacturing « Kiger 9C »

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Anderson Manufacturing is an American firearms manufacturer. They are known for their rifles parts and accessories (mostly for the AR platform).

The Kiger 9C is the first pistol from Anderson Manufacturing. Let’s see two reviews about it. And then, how to disassemble and reassemble it (for a cleaning purpose).

Another review :

And now about the field strip…
Well, I did not find a video about it…
But I found one about the 9C-Pro. So here it is :

Cons :

_Does not exist, for now, in 22LR
_Only 15 rounds
_Only 1 magazine

Neutral :

_Glock clone

Pros :

_Interesting price
_Nice work around the trigger
_Short reset

Conclusion :

The Kiger 9C seems to be a nice pistol.