The zodiac signs : in the Goth way

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This is the seventh version of PaladinMask’s « Gothic Zodiac Signs ».

As a reminder, the fourth version has collected 66,700 views on Pinterest (numbers of the 6th December 2023).

PaladinMask says “ I was confused with the animals or the astrologic symbols used in the zodiac. I found that they did not correspond to reality. And even more to the reality seen from a Goth point of view. So I said to myself that it would be interesting to change these animals or symbols to turn them in the way I see the reality. ”

But this was not the only change compared to classic astrology: “ I quickly realized that the division into 4 groups did not work. We are presented with 12 signs in 4 groups of 3. These 4 groups would correspond to the 4 elements (water, fire, earth, air) but nothing is said about the other 3 categories !
So I decided to change that. I decided to explain this group of 3.
Thus I separated the animals of air, ground and the abyss (like the Nordics divide the world into Gotheim, Mannheim and Helheim).

And then I placed them in 4 categories corresponding to the four cardinal directions (north, east, south and west).
It seemed more logical to me.”

And in the end what does that give?

“ Well, right now, I came to the conclusion that :

_Aries corresponds to the dragon (related to Vlad Dracul).

_Taurus corresponds to the raven (related to Brandon Lee).

_Gemini corresponds to the double-headed eagle (related to Dr Jekyll & Mister Hyde or Two face).

_Cancer corresponds to the bat (related to Bruce Wayne – Batman or Dracula).

_Lion corresponds to the deer or the stag (related to the brand of Jägermeister liqueur).

_Virgo corresponds to the unicorn (related to Merlin or Odin).

_Libra corresponds to the Doberman (related to Cerberus of Hades or Anubis).

_Scorpio corresponds to the big bad wolf.

_Sagittarius corresponds to the cat (related to Selina Kyle – Catwoman or Bastet).

_Capricorn corresponds to the swan (related to Mina Harker).

_Aquarius corresponds to the spider (linked to Venom and Spiderman in the Spiderman saga).

_Fish corresponds to the snake (linked to Severus Snape) ”.

Quincey Morris