Cathedral of Amiens : the mysterious pentacle

Link to the main picture : here

In ancient times, it was possible to do some relevant researches on Instagram…

On those blessed times, I was watching everyday the  #gothic.

And there I discovered the image of the inverted pentacle of the cathedral “Our Lady of Amien”… several times.

As a reminder, the image of the pentacle is often quite poorly viewed by certain neo-inquisitors whereas if we calmly lay the facts out, the pentacle is not at all a bad symbol.

However, to be a minimum of good faith… I am forced to admit that a good number of people, not very well-intentioned, have appropriated the inverted pentacle… Which is a scandal. Because if the pentacle seems linked to Venus (as it is said in the film “ The Da Vinci Code ”) it seems logical that if it is inverted it is linked to her lover who some say it is Vulcan (notice that the two names start by a V). If the pentacle represents the Sacred Feminine, so the inverted pentacle represents the Sacred Masculine.

But given the hyper propaganda of the evil to appropriate this symbol, it is difficult to be heard…

But fortunately ! Our ancestors give us a little help with to the cathedral of Amiens. This impressive Gothic building indeed has an inverted pentacle on its north facade as the French Wikipedia indicates :  » A unique case in France, it is consolidated on the outside by a stone arcade of three ribs (second vignette below) , and its shape is that of a five-pointed star placed upside down ”. Star means pentacle over there.

For more information, here is the French Wikipedia post (the informations I told you about are in the “Exterior” section).

Notice that the English Wikipedia post « “forgets” » to talk about this pentacle…

So if you too, you like the symbol of the inverted pentacle, you have a strong argument to defend yourself now :-).

Quincey Morris