Customize your dolls with Sunnyshop 211

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Sunnyshop211 is an incredible French company founded in 2017 by Stéphanie. A designer passionated about dolls and miniatures.

Since her childhood, Stéphanie has been fascinated by dolls and their world. And she started collecting them as soon as she could.

She first focused on the “ Barbie ” brand dolls, which she customized by creating clothes and accessories for them.

Then she discovered some other types of dolls: like those from “ Fashion Royalty ” and those from “ BJD ”.

Her passion for BJDs peaked when she discovered the  » Minifee « . And she has been adding more to her collection ever since.

To bring her dolls to life, she began creating some furnitures and dioramas accessories to showcase them in their own universe. This passion led her to create Sunnyshop211 in 2017, in order to share her creations with other dolls and miniatures lovers.

Her online store offers a wide selection of diorama furnitures and accessories, suitable for all sizes of dolls. From 1/3 for SD to 1/12 for cocoriangs. All those products are designed with a great attention to detail, in order to remains as true to the reality as possible.

Stéphanie is always happy to work with her clients to carry out some tailor-made projects. A rare and appreciated service.

Do not hesitate to contact her to talk about your desires. Her store is regularly updated with some new products, so check back regularly to see her latest designs.

At sunnyshop211 you will find everything you need to personalize your dolls and create your own universe.

Bravo Stéphanie !

Quincey Morris