Jesus & Thor : are they the same ?

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They have long hairs, they are blond, they like to drink… Well Jesus and Thor have some common points. Plus, for the ancient, being the god of love & the god of war could be done by the same person. Has the hammer was the emblem of the male sex & of a weapon.

Let’s take a closer look.

Is Jesus really that nice ?

Luke 22:36

Take a look on the post we did about this part of the Bible.
After that, do you still see the Christ as a hippie ?

What Our Lady say about him

In the uncanny apparition of “ Notre-Dame de la Salette ”, Our Lady said :

“ […] I am forced to let go of my Son’s hand. It is so heavy […] ”.
She said that her son was furious and wanted to destroy a lot.

Is this the behaviour of the classic Jesus ? Or more the behaviour of the classic Thor ?

The hammer

Legitimated by Our Lady herself

In the apparition of  “ Notre-Dame de la Salette ” Our Lady appeared with a cross on her chest. But not only !
On the left, a little pliers. On the right, a little hammer.

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So we can understand there that the pliers represent the female power. And the hammer represents the male power.

By showing herself with the hammer, Our Lady make it a sacred instrument.

Mjolnir & the Tau cross

Well, there is a Christian cross who looks like a lot of Mjolnir (the hammer of Thor).

It is the Saint Anthony cross or Tau cross.

Look :

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And look :

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And if you take a look at the name Anthony in Russian, it is Anton. This name is made around the letter “T”.

Conclusion :

Many people love both Jesus and both Thor. If they are not the same I am sure that they are friends.

Vlad Tepes