Saint Yves & The Punisher : are they the same ?

Brittany (in France) has two patrons saints :
_Saint Anne (the Mother of Saint Mary)
_Saint Yves.

Saint Anne is specially worshiped in Sainte-Anne d’Auray (56) and Saint Yves at Tréguier (22).

If you are not familiar with Saint Yves, you can easily read everywhere that he is the patron saint of the lawyers. Here is his Wikipedia page (the one in French).

But in fact… He is way more than the patron saint of the lawyers…

I will be honest with you, the following lines are almost what we can called… Christian witchcraft. Because if some Saints can be prayed against a specific disease, Saint Yves, is the one to pray against someone who is bothering you. And if your request is fair… He can go very far… Very very far.

This is why, the ones who know him a bit, consider that he is like the super-hero “The Punisher”.

Maybe he is linked with the Archangel Azrael ?
Who knows…

Anyway if you have a law case and/or a problem with someone, that can be useful to pray him. And obviously, if he do something for you, do not forget to thanks him.

By the way, he is so popular that he have a beer at his name : Sant Erwann (Saint Yves in Breton). Here is the official website of the company who make it :

Link to the picture : here

Selina Kyle

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