Urban exodus : the path of wisdom ?

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I don’t know for you, but when I was a kid, me and the others children, we have been educated by the mainstream medias, to leave the house of our parents, to do some studies in an university (in a city) and then to find a job (in a city too).

The road was clear, the city was the future of mankind. But now, in 2024, I think that we are many people who are disillusioned by the city life.

The movie called “Sin City” (2005) was perhaps right when the main title made a link between “sin” and “city”. Indeed, who can read that in the Bible if needed, cities have been a place of sins since a long time ago.  And in fact, it is true, many people who lived in the city come there because of their libido and almost for no other reasons.

But does the concept himself of the city is a lark mirror ? Same question of living near by the sea by the way ? Well let’s see that.

1_Classic problems of the cities : insecurity, noise, pollution

1* There is less gangsters in the countryside. Those guys are attracted by the sins of the city.

2* If you don’t have close neighbours, the risk to have noise is attenuated.

3* Trees and grass are a healthier surrounding than congested roads and concrete.

2_Having a little farm : useful for growing food

In case of a nuclear war, the cities will be a target. In the city, growing food is almost impossible. In the countryside it is possible. Even if you are not rich.

Talking about money, it is known that having a farm is a good way to make some money. Look at this famous British video : link.

And the very wise Jeremy Clarkson knew that. This is what he have a farm himself. And he even did a hilarious show about the country life : link.

Having a little farm can make you a happy freelance person, because the money comes from your land not from some potential customers.

And having a part-time job (if you live in the countryside) is less dramatic because you have a financial basis because of your little farm.

3_Personal development

Silence is gold. In the country, you can have silence. In the city, not that much.
You want to go out in the nature ? Well it is not far.

You don’t need a huge house to be happy. A little one like this one can be enough (wink) : link.

Conclusion :

What are the advantages of the city ? Going quickly to the food shopping ? Going quickly to the gym ? Going quickly to the administrations ? You can do all of that if you have a car (or a scooter) if you live outside the city. Sure it will cost you some fuel, but it is a matter of organisation. And a matter of will, if you want a more comfortable life.

Being happy : that’s a challenge. The land of our ancestors can help you to succeed it.
Especially if you are not alone to manage your little farm.