The very useful NATO alphabet

Link to the picture : here

When you have a phone call, sometimes you have to spell the letters right ?
Instead of looking for a long time to find a word that starts by a letter, use what already exists. Which is the NATO alphabet used every day in the planes for example.
The picture above, can really help you.
You can print it and use it as a poster.

And some few remarks can help you to remember some words of this famous alphabet :

_There are some first names in it like CHARLIE, MIKE, OSCAR, VICTOR.
_There are a couple too : and of course ROMEO & JULIET.
_There are two countries: INDIA and QUEBEC.
_There is a city : LIMA.
_There is a citizen of a city (New-York) : YANKEE.
_There are two places : HOTEL and SIERRA.
_There is one sport : GOLF.
_There is one drink : WHISKEY.
_There is one dance : TANGO.
_And there is a clothing type : UNIFORM.

Quincey Morris