The dreamlike world of Anthony De Sousa alias Arthöny

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Behind “Arthöny” we find Anthony De Sousa. He lives in Boulogne-sur-Mer in the Hauts de France (in France). He creates painted or drawn pictures. In life, his passions are painting, sacred music (vocal and instrumental from the Middle Ages until the end of the 20th century) the organ and the guitar. But also hagiography, that is to say the life relating to Saints and Mystics.

OJL : Hello Arthöny.
Arthöny : Hello.

OJL : So we are going to try to see what is your personality first. Then we will talk about your works. So we will begin by four funny questions. What is your favourite colour(s) ?
Arthöny : Each colour has its own vibration, and its specific beauty. But in terms of paint, pigments, and to name just four: I like Cobalt Blue, Cobalt Violet, Cadmium Red Scarlet, and Cobalt Turquoise Blue.

OJL : Who is the animal(s) that you like ?
Arthöny : Each animal in itself is admirable for its singularity. But let’s say that I prefer the so-called legendary « animals », or inspired by existing animals, and made fantastic by the transformations that I bring to them in my creations.

OJL : What number(s) do you like ?
Arthöny : The 8 and the 22.

OJL : Lastly, which super-hero(s) or even super-villain(s), do you admire ?
Arthöny : Apart from the classic imagery of superheroes originally spread in comics and spectacularly transcribed in cinema, I prefer by far all these “super-Beings” relating to the angelic worlds. In particular the Archangels, and the Angels, who are in a way celestial superheroes. All unique and able to wear fabulous armours !

OJL : Let’s talk a bit about you now. What can you tell us about yourself ?
Arthöny : I am a completely self-taught painter and designer.
I have always been attracted to drawing and painting. My earliest memory goes back to kindergarten, where I seemed to stand out for the things I drew or made (it was probably « terrible », but to others it would seem that it was « amazing” for my age [smile]). I have always felt this desire to “create” visuals, like so many others.
I mainly paint in oil on wood coated with gesso, following a “simple” process but which is based on a classic method (which I discovered alone, but which responds to a centuries-old tradition) and to which I have always been faithful.
As for my drawings, they are made on paper using criteria and drawing pencils.

OJL : Who are the professionals who made you ? Those who struck you ? In a few names and in a few words.
Arthöny : When I was a child, I was in awe of the paintings that I admired as a child in an old encyclopedias… They were not « contemporary professionals », but I only had this reference at the time. And it is strangely these artists of the past who serve as a reference and driving force for me today !
Subsequently, my focus was mainly on the Flemish painters of the 15th century. I was literally fascinated by the intelligence and divine beauty of the paintings of Jan Van Eyck for example.
Regarding admirable contemporary painters, they are legion ! There are so many extraordinary Artists that I don’t know who to talk about.

OJL : How did you choose your pseudonym ? If this question is not relevant for you, you can change it. You can also delete it.
Arthöny : My pseudonym is a simple combination of my first name Anthony, with the word “Art”, which gives: “Arthöny” thus resulting in a short word, evoking both my first name and my passion for the graphic arts .

OJL : Let’s talk now about your works. What do you do ?
Arthöny : I mainly create paintings of dreamlike or fantastical nature. The figurative basis seems real and possible for our earthly reality. But it is imbued with mysteries, on the border of a moment on the verge of tipping over. And which therefore reveres an unreal character to our world with tangible reality.

OJL : How could you describe your style ?
Arthöny : My style is “fantastic figurative”, belonging more commonly to “Visionary Art”. That is to say that it is based on basis meeting stylistic requirements borrowed from reality. And a visual coherence of the whole for giving it a certain credibility. But whose resonance is linked to dreams and imagination.

OJL : Which techniques do you use ?
Arthöny : All my paintings are done in oil on wood. The plywood or MDF wood plate is coated with Gesso, on which I draw in detail what will be painted first with acrylic for the first layer. Then I proceed to the application of coloured “juice” to based on oil colours and turpentine. This will then be followed by the different coloured glazes for transparency and shine.

OJL : Is it possible to ask you for a custom product ?
Arthöny : Yes, it depends on the type of order and the desired format, or to also buy the originals from me, for those who wish and can.
It is also possible to acquire art prints of my paintings or drawings visible in my Etsy store. Formats range from A6 (10.5 x 14.8 cm; 4 x 6 inch), to A2 (59 x 42 cm; 23 x 16.5 inch).
My Art Prints are made on thick paper, using a professional 8-colour Epson Ultrachrome K3 inkjet printer. Which allows to obtain excellent quality results, who are stable over decades.

OJL : Is it possible to suscribe to your newsletter ? Because the social networks are a bit… saturated.
Arthöny : I have not yet established a newsletter… Let’s say that it is up to the curiosity of people interested in my work to see if I have posted anything new on my networks… (smile).

OJL : Do you have an anecdote about one of your products ? Or about one of your sales ?
Arthöny : Well… Let’s say that in each of my paintings or drawings, there are one or more hidden meanings… Which only the acuity of the observer will be able to decipher (wink).

OJL : Last question. You surely have some friends who are making wonders ! If you would like to promote them, this is your time !
Arthöny : This may seem surprising, but in the field of graphic arts and painting : I personally don’t know anyone ! There are obviously a plethora of fabulous artists, but I am mainly focused on the artists of the past, who are the basis of all the Artists and paintings generated until today.

OJL : Congratulations for everything you do. May Our Lady protects you.
Arthöny : Thank you very much for this interview relating to my work. And may Our Lady be with us all on our respective paths of life.