What do you think of alternative housing ?

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Housing is a problem that is far from being funny.
And sometimes very restrictive.
Let’s take the time to review the different options. Weighing the pros and cons.

The problems of traditional habitats

The house or the castle : a financial pit

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Except if you have a terrace or a zinc roof and an exterior covered with cladding. In this case the roofing and facade renovation costs will be lower.

If your house is on one level (only one level), it will always be less restrictive (and therefore less expensive) to maintain than a house with several levels.

But you have to pay attention to many things… The neighbourhood, maintenance costs, taxes etc… Whether you have a farm or a castle, it’s a significant budget. And… It’s a good that requires significant services. If you want to travel a lot, a house can quickly turn out to be a burden (like a pet).

Apartment : it all depends on the surroundings

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If your windows overlook nature. And your neighbours are silent. In this case, the apartment is a good idea.

On the ground floor, it is practical. And you can have the feeling of living in a house. Same if you occupy the last level (pay attention to the width of the stairs and/or the elevator).

Financially, an apartment can be less of a drain than a house. However, be careful with co-ownership trustees. Real mafias as rotten as our politicians (they are same people most of the time).

Alternative accommodation

Well in this list we have avoided the cave, the tent, the lighthouse, the in-laws’ sofa, the hay barn, the cabin in the woods and the bunker… Let’s study the others.

Shared accommodation : a utopia ?

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A real false-good idea…

Some elderly people talk about it among themselves to avoid the retirement home (EPHAD as we say in French).

But let’s be honest a second, if you’re not basically a hippie, this is unlikely to suits you.

No privacy. Power and influence games. Noise pollution problem. Variable hygiene of roommates. Financial matters. Stress etc… To be avoided in my opinion.

The hotel : beyond the façade

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I lived in an apartment hotel for 2 years. So I think I can tell you about it…

Not having your furniture is terrible. Having the feeling of living in a temporary zone is special. It’s difficult to plan ahead, to envision a future. It’s very weird. A bit like the feeling of a dull illness… My neighbors were rarely James Bond. Many people totally lost and demolished by life. A little traumatic…

The trailer : beyond pride

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Freedom is a cardinal value of the Kelts. Today many people call themselves “bohemian” to escape a disapointed reality. The trailer is a strong symbol that can help you set a goal in order to get out of a rut. But behind this rather valued symbol (for precious models) it must be noted that this type of habitat is quite precarious. See very precarious.

So yes, the “bobos” talk about it a lot and stay there during their summer vacation. BUT then they return to their comfort for the other 8 months of the year…

So yeah… Don’t listen the hypes…

The van and the camper van : going high-end

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Initially considered to be the prerogative of the rednecks, the camper van has changed its image. The same goes for the minivan. It’s the practical side that killed critics considering it as “ridiculous”. And as with the minivan, more designed, more luxurious and more refined versions have given this vehicle its credentials.

Much more comfortable than the trailer mentioned above. It can be a valid alternative accommodation if you have studied it from every angles.

The container

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Even if it means putting this big baby on the slab of land, might as well have more width than in a caravan? So maybe consider putting two of them, side by side, to have more room in width.

Otherwise it’s an in-between place between the house and the camper van which may be of interest. To study…

The chalet: the luxury of living with the mountains

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Wood is hot. Wood is beautiful.
But like all the houses mentioned above, it is a budget.
If you are addicted to the mountains, this is an option to consider.

The boat: the luxury of living near the water

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The presence of a body of water has always attracted the human species. It must be the animal side that takes over because we know that without water, there is no life…

Whether it’s living on a cruise ship all year round (it’s possible) on a yacht, a sailboat, on a barge etc… The advantages and disadvantages are almost the same depending on the type of boat.

As with the chalet previously, if you don’t see yourself living anywhere other than close to water, you need to seriously study this lifestyle.

Conclusion :

All of these solutions have a cost. But the important thing is to take the right direction to find the habitat that suits you best. And will give you the happiness to which you are entitled.

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