The three generations in the business

It seems that the people in Auvergne (France) have a proverb saying that there are three generations of business people :

_The first generation who creates the business.
_The second one who manages it.
_And the third one… Who destroys it…

This proverb seems to be approved by this famous “meme” (on the front page of our post) of which here is the link to the original image : here

Saying the same thing there is the lyrics of the French song “I hear the wolf, the fox and the weasel”. This song talks about 3 rich people who party while a poor man listens to them (the one who write the song). And in fact… it could be the same adage.
_The wolf would represent the one who created the affair.
_ The fox is the one who manages.
_And the weasel, the one who destroys it.

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