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IMDB page : here

Cons :

_The show is based on the sarcasms of the main character.
Well… In the real life, the sarcasms are not always the best way to communicate. Sometimes the silence is way more… Smart.

Pros :

_Daria is a legendary TV show from the end of the 90s.
Daria, is above all a character with an attitude and a rhythm:

*The attitude of the heroine which could be summed up by: “your opinion matters little to me and I live my life”.

*The rhythm of a turtle, totally assumed by the protagonist. Unlike the other characters in the show (except Jane, who has the same rhythm as her).

Where to watch this TV show ?

Well, it is a bit hard…

On Youtube :

I found this person reacting to the season 1 : Link

On Dailymotion :

I was able to find you :
_This intro video of the series (with cult music) : Link
_This other intro video : Link
_And this trailer for a film about summer & Daria : Link

On Odysee :
I found this: Link

_There was a micro-series inside Daria called “Sick sad world” : Link

This micro-series is also totally cult. It inspired this music :

And this tattoo 🙂

Conclusion :

“Daria” was the show for the “weirdos”. A bit like“The Addams Family” in his way. It was the kind of show that allowed you to take a step back from this crazy world. And helping you to see that you are not the only ones who don’t feel like you belong there.

Some visuals from the series :

The end of the episodes shows the main characters in funny images like this : Link

On the internet, you can come across some very surprising fan works like : Link

Or this incredible cosplay about Jane and Trent (appreciate the excellent idea of the sunglasses) :

Link to the original work : here

Note that you can find 1800 creations linked to Daria Morgendorffer on deviantart.com

If you can watch the show in an online platform or buying a set of new or used DVDs : go on.

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