Going to the gym : the modern solution against loneliness ?

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Well, nowadays, in our society, communication (in a paradoxal way) is harder than ever.
I have no logical explanation about this fact… It is not logical as the mankind has never get such technology and devices to communicate at this level. But the facts are stubborn : people do not talk as they used to be… Individualism is higher than ever and solidarity seems to have disappeared between the people.

And, guess what, a human cannot survive fully alone. So how to get some friends in a society so hostile ? My humble solution is to be in some groups. For examples. 1/ Going to the mass on Sunday. 2/ Going to a sport or a hobby once or more in a week.

In fact, many sports and hobbies, cannot be done several times in a week.

But this is not the case for working out on a fitness club ! At least here, some gym centers allow their members to come 7 days per 7 all year long… And this is a FANTASTIC solution if you live alone.

This solution, really, can save your life from depression, addictions, suicide etc…

And in order to get some motivation, this video of Anzhelika Anderson can helps a lot : link


Post scriptum : by the way, if each time you go to the gym, you do a shower there… Well, this will make you save some money on your own water bill 😉