“Interview with the Vampire” by Anne Rice (1978)

Cons :

_The book has little to do with the movie of 1994.

_Well after a while, the main character : Louis, ends up by being really heavy and boring. Constantly complaining. Absolutely not enterprising in anything. In short, in comparison, we admire Lestat’s energy and cynicism.

_The relationship between Claudia and Louis (who is only a child) is problematic.

Neutral point :

Louis has a gay relationship with Armand.

Pros :

_Saint Mary and other Saints are often mentioned.

Moreover, the first name of one of the characters “Madeleine” brings to mind Saint Mary Magdalene.

_The question of torment is often raised. Excellent.

_An action that travels around the world.

_Claudia and Lestat de Lioncourt are cult characters. They have been a plus in the vampire mythology.

_Several characters have purple eyes. A tribute to be saluted, because this colour is very important for Gothic people (just after the black colour).

Conclusion :

An interesting book but who could have been more tremendous.