“Missing Father, Missing Son” by Guy Corneau

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Homo homini lupus
A man is a wolf to another man


Cons :

_The author beats around the bush a lot. A “Survival kit for men missing a father” in 10 practical sheets would have been 1000 times more useful.

_What about the role of the mother in the separation from the father ? Theme not covered. Are the ladies so innocent ?

_What concrete psychological solutions ? Spiritual ? Religious ? Themes not covered.

_Remarks and passages that was unnecessary.

Pros :

_A work which has the merit of existing. A theme under-exploited.

_ « Our fears and our shadows can become bridges to others since, in the areas where we excel, we do not need anyone. It is through the grace of our wounds and our faults that we communicate with others”.

_Among the few solutions that the author offers, there are : getting together with men around a fire, doing some sports and going to the cafes.

Since the author has not summarized the solutions to the various problems of males via a fact sheets. I tried to do that for you in some few and simple and (very) direct sentences below :

_Erection problem ? Place a hammer under your pillow or mattress. Visualize a pillar or a cobra.

_Ejaculation problem ? Visualize the cosmic egg (or the orphic egg) and imagine that the cobra is clutching the egg.

_Problem with seminal fluid volume ? Place a purse under your bed with coins on it.

_Your partner wants to dominate you ? Change your partner ! Seriously, 80% of the ladies are nuts. Move ! Then do some men’s activities to re-build yourself.

_Communication problems with a child ? Take the child to church or to the forest. And in this sacred place, chat eye to eye with her/him. Under the supervision of the Divine.

_Cowardice problem? Call on the wolf in you.

_Lack of audacity? Call on the fox within you.

_Discipline problem? Call on the eagle in you.

_Psychological problem? Call on the ouroboros within you to destroy all your bad thoughts. And/or put the Ankh on the cracks of the egg who surround you.

_Problems with your mother and/or family? They are tall. Move forward on your path, try to save yourself and be happy before trying to save the world.

_Problems in general? Pray to Our Lady and analyze your dreams.

Conclusion :

_A very good site to recommend in order to rebuild your self-esteem : artofmanliness.com

_Thank you Mr. Corneau (1951-2017).